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Exhaust system for
Sckoda Octavia A7

Bolt-on exhaust system

Three configurations are available for order

After months of tests, we released 3 different modifications for Skoda Octavia A7, to meet any requirements

Material: 100% AISI 304
Configurations and their elements can be switched without welding and fitting. Everything can be swapped easily in 5 minutes! Also, if our three configurations presented here are not enough for you, you can use any component from our wide range of mufflers at your discretion, and we will advise and help you choose the ideal option for you

Maksim Deikin
Chief Engineer
The application of 3D-scanning and 3D-modeling technologies grants us with a possibilty to obtain the perfect fit and ergonomics of the exhaust system components for a Skoda Octavia A7. Years of experience in motorsport help us to take into account all the nuances of designing the exhaust system and achieve outstanding results
No welding seams
The absence of welding seams on the tubes.
Thanks to the most modern production equipment - a mandrel tube bending machine, we produce exhaust systems with a minimum number of welds, thereby achieving an ideal geometry and the maximum durability of the system without the appearance of signs of corrosion and deformation.
Quality control
We are responsible for our products, so integrated a three-steps quality control of the products. The product is checked after each production stage: assembly, polishing, packaging.
All products are manufactured at our own full-cycle production facility in Kaluga, by highly qualified specialists with many years of experience working together in the developing of components and exhaust systems.
Technical support
By purchasing the Deikin Exhaust exhaust system for Skoda Octavia A7, you get a guaranteed perfectly-suiting exhaust for your car, and we, from our side, provide professional technical support from the company's leading engineers to simplify the installation process and further usage of our products.
Production process. Pipe bending
The video about the birth of DEIKIN Exhaust systems at our production plant in Kaluga.

Thanks to the mandrel pipe bender, the ideal geometry of an exhaust system is being obtained on this video
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